How to kill fleas in the yard

How to kill fleas in my yard.

So many of us concentrate all our efforts on our pet and keeping them and our homes free from fleas and ticks.  Just when we thought it was safe to go outside again, we find that our yards are the place our pets are getting the pests, fleas.

The yard is where we need to concentrate our efforts once we get our homes flea free.  Those fleas find our pets and hitch a ride into our flea free homes.

Our yards where our pets hang out can be a huge patch of green grass full of fleas and getting rid of them can be a monumental task.

Let’s take a look at what we can do to kill the fleas in the yard.

Come out where ever you are!

We need to find exactly where these little fleas are at in the yard, this will help us in finding the right places to begin the flea treatment.  Fleas like to avoid sunlight and open grass.  Watch to see where your pet hangs out the most.  This is usually where you will find the fleas.  Gardens, dog houses, furniture, trees, and fences are great places to start.  Try walking around these places in an old pair of white socks, this makes it easier to see the fleas when they jump on board your legs and feet.

We want to kill these fleas for good so remember the places where you found them.  We will start our full blown attack in those areas.


Flea treatment in the yard

You need to get rid of fleas on your pets first before you move on to the yard. When you have successfully done that, you can start treating the yard. Keep your pets indoors when you do this, or else you risk them being attacked by fleas once more and you would have to start over again.

Begin by mowing the yard and keep it short.  Fleas like darker areas, by keeping the grass short allows the sun to shine through to the ground, doing away with dark areas and warms the ground.  Fleas also like a cooler area, the sun warms the soil and disturbs their habitat.  Pick up trash and things like compost, leaves and grass clippings.  This allows for treatment products to penetrate and KILL THE FLEAS.  Unlease you want your pests to stick around, get rid of the clutter.

Effective ways to kill fleas in the yard

Now the real work begins as we start our attack on these little bloodsuckers.

The methods described below are all highly effective and working ways of getting the job done, but you need to pick the one that matches your specific needs. If you have a huge and open yard, you might not have to treat all of it. Or if there are areas of the yard where your pets never go, there is no point of wasting energy here. It’s time to choose how to get rid of fleas in the yard. Pick one of the following effective ways below.

Bring on the water

Flea larvae and flea eggs cannot survive a flooded yard. Therefore, the easiest way to end the life cycle of the vicious flea is to periodically flood the entire yard. Besides killing the fleas, the water will also wash away all the feces from the adult fleas (this is what flea larvae eat), decreasing their chance of survival to zero. During rainy seasons this shouldn’t be necessary as Mother Nature takes care of the problem, but if the weather is mostly dry and sunny, you have to cut the grass, remove debris and flood the lawn often to get rid of fleas and prevent them from breeding. Be sure to flood the whole area with water, especially around trees, fences, garden furniture and the doghouse. All the grass in the yard should be slightly flooded to ensure that every flea larvae and flea egg is covered in water.

Insecticide is our attack method

If this is your method of attack, you may want to first consider an environmentally friendly pesticide.  Remember to read all instructions closely to avoid contaminating water and other areas. Always be safe and protect yourself, wear all the personal protective equipment.  It is always best to keep your pets and children out of the yard while spraying and for some time afterward.  Safety first.

When you spray the yard, be extra thorough with the areas mentioned above, as this is where the fleas are usually found. You don’t have to spray the entire yard or lawn, but if you leave your pets outdoors in a fenced area, this entire area needs to be treated. Repeat the whole process if the product requires it, usually it’s every two or three weeks.

Worms kill fleas

If you prefer a more natural approach, then nematodes might be the perfect solution for you. They are microscopic worms that feed on flea larvae and other insects in your yard, this includes termites. The nematodes are completely harmless to humans, pets, plants, trees and your lawn, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. They are sprayed directly to the areas where the fleas live, preferably with shade, as nematodes don’t tolerate the hot sun very well.

Wood chips to kill fleas

Another natural way to get rid of fleas is to spread cedar wood chips all over your yard. Fleas hate the smell of cedar chips and you can use this to your advantage by covering the areas where you have found fleas with wood chips and putting them along the outer fences to prevent new fleas from entering your yard.  Use them heavily in the areas you found fleas.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by my site.
      Fleas hate the smell of cedar chips and you can use this to your advantage by covering the areas where you have found fleas with wood chips and putting them along the outer fences to prevent new fleas from entering your yard.  Use them heavily in the areas you found fleas.
      Place them about 1-2 inches deep around the yard, deeper in areas where you know the fleas are at and around the edges of your yard to prevent new fleas. Lots of trial and error.
      Good luck.

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