What is a Brown Recluse Spider?

The brown recluseLoxosceles reclusa, Sicariidae is a recluse spider with a necrotic venom. Similar to other recluse spider bites, their bite sometimes requires medical attention. The brown recluse is one of three spiders (the others being the black widow and Loxosceles laeta, the Chilean recluse) with medically significant venom in North America.

Brown recluse spiders are usually between 6 and 20 millimeters (0.24 and 0.79 in) but may grow larger. While typically light to medium brown, they range in color from whitish to dark brown or blackish gray. The cephalothorax and abdomen are not necessarily the same color. These spiders usually have markings on the dorsal side of their cephalothorax, with a black line coming from it that looks like a violin with the neck of the violin pointing to the rear of the spider, resulting in the nicknames fiddle-back spiderbrown fiddler, or violin spider.

10 thoughts on “What is a Brown Recluse Spider?

  1. I looked up this spider on YouTube. They’re not as big as I thought they were based on the image on your post, so that’s a little comforting. 🙂

    It’s good to know that we have to watch out for the bites from this spider. Do you know where they can usually be found? For example – gardens, backyards, indoors?

    What kind of medical attention is required if someone gets bitten by one?

    1. Thanks for stopping by my site.
      Yes, it is comforting to know they are not all that big but you must remember these little spiders can pack a huge punch when it comes to their bite. I have seen the result of these little spider bites on friend and family and they are nothing to mess around with. Seek medical help as soon as possible.
      They can be found most generally somewhere by themselves. Like their namesake, tend to hang out alone. Many people leave their clothes on the floor next to their bed, that is when these spiders crawl inside and wait. When you put on your clothes, they bite.
      They can be found in all locations that are remote.
      Thanks for coming by and please come back again to check out all things creepy.

  2. Spiders are my least favourite thing, so I’m glad that I don’t live in North America as I already have to deal with all the ones here in Australia.

    Should children and families be worried about the Brown Recluse Spider? Is it prevalent in households or mainly outside?

    Great article, Thankyou!

    1. Hey, Jeremy, thanks for stopping by my site.
      Spiders are creepy and scary for me as well. Not one of my favorites, especially the brown recluse. A very nasty little guy that hangs out alone most of the time. They get inside your clothes if they are laying on the floor and when you get dressed, they are waiting. They leave a very nasty bite that kills the skin and surrounding meat and everything.
      They stay outside mostly but come inside as the air gets colder in the winter. They must be eradicated and you must be careful when getting dressed. Just use common sense and you will be fine.
      Please stop by again to see more information anytime.

  3. I remember the brown recluse from my time in Houston. I was always careful whenever I opened any closets or cupboards.

    My American friends warned me that they were very dangerous for such a small spider.

    In my 2 years in TX I never saw any. Have you had experience of them before?

    1. Yes, I hear Houston does have these spiders.  The most common place for them to be found is when you walk into a small room like a bathroom in the middle of the night and turn on the light.  Sometimes you can find one hiding in the corner.  Another place is inside your clothes left on the floor at night.  People get up and get dressed and the spider gets scared and bites.

      I have seen several of these.  Here in the Midwest USA it is getting cold, fall is here and the spiders come inside the house to stay warm.  I don’t like them so I spray the house to eliminate them.  Almost he first night it got cold here, they moved inside and between my wife and I, we killed three in two days.  I broke out the spider spray.  You can find it all at http://www.howtogetridofbagworms.com

      Please come back again to watch us grow.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my site Tanya. Glad you enjoyed the educational information I posted here.
      As far as the Brown Recluse being in Florida, nothing you have to worry about because they are not. Mostly central USA and south into Mexico. There are places you can go to on the internet to find out where these little guys live.

  4. Eeesh…spiders are def not my favorite. I’ve seen the damage a brown recluse can do to the flesh when it bites. Not a pretty site! I’ve learned that no matter how new or old a home is it’s always good to remember that a brown recluse likes cozy, dark places to live. Thanks for the information on your site.

    1. Hello Colleen, thanks for dropping by my site.
      I don’t like spider either. These can be a very bad bite if they get you. Most of the time these spiders run from you and stay reclusive or alone and will not attack but if they are trapped and get scared they can bit.

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